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Manage multiple online channels, send messages, review engagement and keep it all in one place by building custom tabs on your dashboard.  Follow the link below to try a one month trial of the Pro level (free level is still useful but has limited features).  You can even add up to 9 team mates to manage with a crowd.

Hootsuite for Managing Online Engagement


We use this fun, convenient, powerful platform to manage our Twitter account.  This affordable solution allows you to see who is following, and who is not.  There are a variety of reporting tools and dashboard views that can help you understand the composition of your Twitter following–and to manage it.

Follow the link for a free trial of the service

Get SocialBro for Twitter


Need to manage an event, send invitations, sell tickets?  Eventbrite is an amazing online tool.  Follow the link to set up your account and start managing your events with finesse.  We have used this for events from 12 to 200 participants, for events that had no fee and for events with paid tickets.  Their app allows you to quickly and easily check participants in at the door using a smartphone or tablet.

Sign Up for Eventbrite


We would have a hard time functioning without Evernote.  This service offers a robust free level of service and a paid level that adds even more benefit.  Store your notes, images and files in the cloud.  Organize your material with tags, in notebooks, by location and by date.  Search everything.  And we mean everything.  Evernote allows you to search for text in PDF’s, files and PHOTOS.  That’s right.  Take a photo of a flier, poster or card and search for it later by the date you added it, the location where you snapped the image or text in the image.  Or you can use the browser clipper to shoot all or a portion of an important webpage to your account.  The monthly service is based on how much you upload–so once your files are in there, they stay in there until you delete them.  Their smartphone and tablet apps are great as well.

If you have any questions about how to use this amazing service, just email us to ask.  We love talking Evernote.

Follow this link to try a month of premium for free.

Sign Up for Evernote


Dropbox is a cloud storage solution that allows you to store and access your files on multiple platforms (computer, smartphone, tablet) and on the web.  It is a great resource for projects because you can share files with others and allow them to edit and save files into a joint online environment.

If you aren’t already using Dropbox, consider following the link below to get 500MB of bonus space on your new account.

Get 500MB Bonus Space on a New Dropbox Account