Earn Your Clarity-We Can Help

Earn Your Clarity, Attain Your Boldest Future


Clarity can’t be wished into being. It can’t be delivered by an outside party. It has to be earned. We help our clients earn their clarity.

One on One Clarity Coaching

For The Dreamer Ready to be a Doer, The Itchy, The Restless, The Ready:

Everyone needs clarity about his or her personal mission in life. One on one, our Clarity Coach, Jennifer Einolf, partners with clients to find and refine the path to personal, meaningful success. Let’s take that thing that is keeping you up at 2 am and make it happen in the world.

Group Clarity Facilitation

For Teams, Boards, Functional Groupings of People:

Teams tackle big things. If there isn’t a big thing to tackle, why form a team? Sometimes, it is the very strengths of a team that obscures the path to effective strategy and tactics. When a gathering of 8 people has resulted in 12 opinions, We facilitate clarity about project direction, team roles, marketing engagement—we comb the clarity out of the fuzzy parts of the big thing.

Speaker Clarity Coaching

For Reluctant Speakers, Excited Presenters and Those Who Must Answer Questions:

If you think you are repeating your main point too many times, you probably aren’t repeating it enough. Of course, delivering a clear, sticky message is not that simple but it’s a start. Jennifer works with speakers who want to craft an amazing message to persuade their audience. Do you need to inspire your team, sway an ambivalent interviewer, sear the minds and hearts of conference attendees, charm financial support from a venture capitalist? I can help you design and deliver messages that persuade and impress.

Speaking and Workshop Presentations

For Events, Conferences, Clubs, Associations, Groups:

Jennifer delivers presentations to audiences from 12 to 500 or more on a variety of topics related to self-development, courage, learning, choice, communication, public speaking, strategy, success and, of course, clarity.

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