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Jennifer EinolfJennifer Einolf is our Possibilities Coach at Bold Whisper LLC, where she partners with our clients to navigate through the prospects of possibility in order to realize the boldest possible future.

Jennifer is a Newfield Network trained Ontological Coach–yes, we know.  What is that?  Simply, an Ontological coach guides clients through breakthroughs in perception that open up new possibilities.  By considering the observer that you are, we can identify the language, emotion and physical components of your current perspective.  By shifting your observer, we can discover as yet unthinkable possibilities.  With new possibilities, you can take new action and get new results–the components of your boldest future.

The world is busy telling you what’s wrong and trying to sell you their solution to your deficit. I don’t think you are deficient–you are amazing. I’m offering to parther with you in gifting the world with the full fire hose of your wonderfulness.

Jennifer came to coaching on a path that led through Interior Design.  Her favorite part of design was working with clients to discover the foundation of their needs in order to deliver solutions that solved their true challenges.  A serial entrepreneur, she has run businesses helping her customers discover their own creativity and led them in developing a strategy for online engagement.

Jennifer has a degree in English and a degree in Interior Design–which means she can make art and then talk about it.  She is a graduate of Newfield Network, and a member of the International Coach Federation. She serves as the Co-chair of programs for the ICF Virginia Chapter.  She is also active in Toastmasters where she practices her skills, experiments with new ideas and loves helping new members discover and develop their own talents.

We are based in Richmond, Virginia but we work with clients independent of geographical restraints.

Newfield Network trained


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